Marsha Ambrosius Reveal The REAL Reason Floetry Broke Up….


If you were a huge fan of Floetry back in the day or even if you weren’t a fan you wondered why the duo abruptly broke up in 2006, well Marsha Ambrosius has finally broken her silence about it. In a recent interview with Ebony magazine, Marsha revealed childhood friend and bandmate Natalie Stewart (The Floacist) was in an abusive relationship and it eventually came between the two of them. “I know what happened. You know what happened. Let’s move on. But I couldn’t, because if the other person is in a very damaging, abusive relationship and you’re the best friend that’s watching all of this unfold before your eyes… I can’t see you die. I don’t want to be here for that and it’s unfair for me to see you go through this”

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I’m glad the two of them worked through that and was able to rekindle the friendship and that amazing musical chemistry 🙂

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