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Eddwina Jene Williams, known professionally as E.JENE’, is not just an award-winning, bestselling science fiction fantasy author, but a multifaceted creative force with a passion for storytelling and advocacy. With a background in Urban Planning, International Business, Psychology, and Sociology, E.JENE’ brings a deep understanding to her work that resonates with audiences worldwide.

E.JENE’ embarked on her writing journey in 2020, driven by the tragic suicide of her niece, McKenzie Adams, in 2018. This experience transformed her into a purposeful motivational speaker dedicated to helping others navigate through trauma and find hope in adversity.

A native of Linden, Alabama, E.JENE’ is a Demopolis High School graduate with a Bachelor of Science degree from Faulkner University, with specializations in Human Resources and Management in International Business.

As a two-time award-winning author and self-published powerhouse, E.JENE’ has penned five captivating books, including the bestselling “Living Life After Death” series. She has also translated her literary success into the world of film, turning her debut book into a full-feature movie. Her works are available on EJENELLC.COM, with proceeds contributing to The McKenzie Foundation, a cause close to her heart.

Beyond her literary and cinematic endeavors, E.JENE’ shines as a charismatic radio host on Love 860 am Atlanta and K 92.7 fm Columbus. Her infectious energy and positivity extend to her role as an interviewer at red carpet and charity events, where she effortlessly captivates audiences.

Adding to her impressive repertoire, E.JENE’ has recently opened “The Event Studio,” her first Event Center serving as both a movie filming headquarters and a venue for public events. This venture reflects her commitment to creating spaces for celebration and connection within her community.

As an outspoken advocate for victims of bullying, E.JENE’ has delivered powerful keynote speeches at events focused on bullying prevention, grief management, and suicide prevention across multiple states. Through her unwavering dedication, she is determined to make a positive impact and heal her community one family at a time.

For more information and to experience the world of E.JENE’, visit EJENELLC.COM.

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